Interfuzion Corporation

Interfuzion Corporation is an Australian based company behind skincare and wellness brands  distributed internationally. We create natural and multifunctional products that won’t harm you or the earth.
We strive to demystify beauty by operating with transparency, honesty and integrity. We want skincare and wellness to be easy to understand and our community to stay informed.

We have one purpose – to improve the world. We are environmentally conscious. We don’t use chemicals and our products are filled with natural ingredients. We are always striving to make our business more sustainable.

Interfuzion Corporation is driven by the desire to make a difference. We use our profits to support not-for-profit initiatives aligned with our values of sustainability, equality and human rights.

Our brands

Zivany® is an Australian multi-functional skincare brand that combines plant-based ingredients with science to treat multiple skin concerns. It sets the tone for Interfuzion brands yet to come.

Zivany® Botanicals

Zivany® Botanicals is our vegan and cruelty-free line. It’s full of natural ingredients that actually work.

Zivany® Signature

Zivany® Signature combines plant-based ingredients with science to treat multiple skin concerns in one effective line.

Zivany® Man

Zivany® Man is results-based skincare with all the benefits of our Signature line, fine-tuned for male skin.


Remede Wellness – Mosman Park

Mount Pleasant Dental – Applecross

Interfuzion Founder

Interfuzion Corporation was founded by Ivy Bendixen in 2018.

With a love for health and wellness, and backed by years of experience working in beauty clinics, Ivy created a skincare line she wanted herself – plant-based products that were effective and multi-functional.

Ivy did just that and continues to innovate.

Interfuzion is not just a parent company for Ivy’s wellness brands, it’s a base for her to live her underlying purpose – to be of service and do good in the world.

Ivy is passionate about supporting local charities. She uses profits from Interfuzion Corporation to support various causes and is always looking for opportunities to make a difference.


We are proud members of Soroptimist International. A Global Voice for Women advocating for human rights and gender equality to ensure that the voices of women and girls are heard.

Operation Sunshine

Interfuzion Corporation is delighted to work with Operation Sunshine. Operation Sunshine is a not-for-profit organisation supporting children in out-of-home care and crisis accommodation in Western Australia.

Destiny Rescue Limited

We support Destiny Rescue. Destiny Rescue Limited is a Queensland-based charity rescuing children from sexual exploitation and human trafficking.

100 Women

Interfuzion Corporation share the passion to ignite women’s philanthropy through the power of collective giving to advance the empowerment of all women.

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